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The book explains fundamentals of administrative law in the back drop of the constitutional law, explains concepts about the inviolability of a person's fundamental, constitutional, civil and statutory rights and explains rules about the obligations of the administrative authorities to administer law fairly and impartially, all with the help of the decisions of courts, Indian and forgein.

                 The book is divided into VIII Divisions with 37 chapters.

  • Division I deals with general concepts of law in general, of administrative law in particular and of the "rule of law". 
  • Division II deals with the Constitutions and its fundamental features, doctrine of separation  of power, constitutional rights and principles of governance, including Rights to Information Act, 2005.
  • Divison III deals with Judicial function of the State, including general concept of judicial review and judicial review of legislative and administrative decisions; The Indian Judicial system and hierarchy, the role of higher judiciary as a custodian of Constitution, its independence, extent and limitation of, and, restraint on, its power. 
  • Division IV deals with Legislative function of the State, delegated legislation and conditional legislation.
  • Division V deals with executive function of the State; judrication, jurisdiction, jurisdictional and adjudicatory phrases such as opinion, satisfaction, belief, and, exercise of discretion, the duty of the administrative and quasi-judicial authorities to act fairly, impartially, rationally and relevently.
  • Division VI  deals with decision making  process; natural justice, fair hearing by an impartial and unbaised judge, speaking order, ligitimate expection, promissory extoppel, burden of proff.
  • Division VII deals with remedies and obligations; review, revision, appeal, writs, injunction, tort, misfeasance in public office and constitutional tort, law of limitation and other obligations.
  • Division VIII deals with interpretative principles.
Author D.P. MITTAL
Edition 1 st Edition

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